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Recent travels update

I have been hoping to put things on here other than just gigs, like ideas, thoughts and inspirational messages! But unfortunately here is another boring 'letting you know what I have been doing with myself' update.

I recorded the music for and starred (slight stretch) in the TV commercials for '';

Then I was part of two concerts with the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra with the fantastic Miguel Zenon at the Basement in Sydney and the Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne. The music was tricky to initially decipher but once we got a handle on it was fantastic. Miguel's mastery of cross time feels is amazing and his rhythm section was incredible. And the Mothership Orchestra did a superb job of getting his book together with four rehearsals.

The day after Melbourne I flew to Beijing to start rehearsals with Jane Zhang. Jane is a Chinese pop star that I will be playing some concerts with in July and August in China. Her band is fantastic and she sounds great. My first day of rehearsals was on two hours sleep with a borrowed trombone though, as mine was stuck in Hong Kong after three hours of flight delays and missed connections... ah the glamour.

Amongst all of these these were concerts for David Campbell, a session for Peking Duk's new single, Helen Fenton's new album, a concert at the Opera House with Iranian star Ebi Hamedi and the AIM showcase concerts.

And a big congrats to Guy Sebastian coming 5th in Eurovision. The horns sounded mighty thanks to Louis Schoorl!

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