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Album review in The Australian

I was really happy to see The Australian has published a review of my album in this weekend. My hope was always to make something that might appeal to people who aren't necessarily 'jazz fans'. So it is great when it gets some coverage in the mainstream media. Especially a paper like The Australian.

Jazz still seems to sit in a bit of a blur between entertainment and art in the media. Too low-brow for the 'arts' pages and too obscure or high-brow for the 'entertainment' pages. If it was treated as art I think it would encourage an openess in the audience to be taken along for the journey. If it's entertainment it's too easy to write it off in five minutes. There are more quickly entetaining things on the phone in your pocket. But if it's labelled as art it already puts the audience in the mindset of exploration and understanding. Jazz = art :)

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