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The Heritage Orchestra plays Giorgio Moroder

Every year for the last few years Sydney has hosted the Vivid Festival at the Sydney Opera House. Each year is curated by a different artistic director, the inaugural season was presented by Brian Eno. I went to a few things in that festival; The Necks playing 'pit band' to a dance piece and most interestingly the three consecutive concerts held on the final night where Brian Eno, The Necks and a number of other artists from the festival presented entirely improvised soundscapes while Brian Eno also constructed live visual accompaniment. It was fantastic and ever since then Vivid has always presented a really interesting marriage of electronic, improvised and contemporary classical music in the hallowed halls of the Opera House.

You do sometimes wonder whether the hordes of people outside looking at the lights in Circular Quay realise that the festival really started with presenting some really interesting, innovative and sometimes challenging music, and still does.

I have been lucky enough to be part of a number of concerts in Vivid, including in June this year as part of The Heritage Orchestra reintepreting the music of Giorgio Moroder. The concert was filmed by the Red Bull Music Academy and they have now put together some fantastic footage from it, as well as a short documentary on the 'making of'.

The link is below;

See the Heritage Orchestra take on Moroder’s hits

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