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Trombone Lessons

Online Lessons

I am available for lessons via Zoom. I have been doing some online lessons and have found that they now work really well, enough for me to offer them here as a service. 

Price; $40 for half an hour, $70 for an hour

Lessons in-person

I also give private lessons in my designated music room at my house in Oyster Bay, Sydney. These can be ongoing lessons or one off assistance with specific technique or music issues.

Price; $40 for half an hour, $70 for an hour

I enjoy playing many styles of music and encourage this in my teaching. I have a belief in teaching a good fundamental technique that can then allow the student to pursue any style of music they enjoy. I have extensive experience in teaching students from beginner to tertiary level including HSC. I also have a strong belief in there being a time in each class to put technique aside and enjoy playing music.

For the last few years I have been the trombone teacher at the Australian Institute of Music and St. Ignatius Riverview, as well as private students.

“He inspires, motivates and obtains the best out of his students” Dev Gopalasamy, Head of Performing Arts, St Ignatius Riverview

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